Stop Stray Pig campaign to start soon

NUKU’ALOFA-December 4: 11am (R2R Media): A “Stop Stray Pig” campaign is to start soon, covering the 26 villages in and around the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area, as part of the Ridge To Reef project.

Town officers at their CMC meeting last December. Photo: R2R MEDIA

The decision was taken at the Community Management Committee (CMC) meeting attended by the town officers (Ofisa Kolo) from the 26 villages, held in Lapaha in the first week of December, 2016.

While discussing issues in regards to the replanting of mangroves and plants in and around the FLC area, town officers agreed that stray pigs must be stopped from entering the area where replanting has been done so that the newly planted plants are not destroyed.

The town officer of Nukuleka Village, Steven Fe’ao raised the issue of stray pigs “because if we do not stop stray pigs from destroying the plants then our work will come to nothing”.

Mr Fe’ao said there is already a law in place and that should be used, in regards to the killing of stray animals that enter and destroy plants in another piece of land.

Town officers agreed that an awareness program needs to be implemented for three months from January to March so that animal owners are advised about the campaign and what will be done if stray animals continue to destroy plants after the awareness program is completed.

The R2R project team is now working on launching the awareness campaign with stakeholders.

The campaign will involve television, radio and other media programs with messages produced for the public at large and animal owners.

Meanwhile, the town officers and CMC members visited the different mangrove planting sites around the FLC area after their meeting.

They also had the chance to see first hand the work that is being done by the Mangrove Unit.


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