R2R works with local artists to promote environment and climate change

NUKU’ALOFA-January 5: 3.23pm (R2R Media): The Tonga Ridge To Reef project worked with local artists last year in promoting the environment and climate change within the local community here on Tongatapu.

Tonga R2R tee shirts worn by On the Spot group members during the 2016 Mahina Arts Festival. Photo: R2R MEDIA

R2R funds were released to support works done by the On the Sport Arts Initiative Group of Kolofo’ou and the Seleka Arts Group of Havelu.

Funding for the On the Spot went towards their hosting the annual Mahina Arts Festival, held in November.

The week-long event focused on promoting Climate Change with the theme “Every Little Action Counts”.

R2R information brochures, posters and pamphlets were distributed during the event, with the model of the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment area displayed throughout the week at the Arts Space ground where the event was held.

A 48 hour film challenge was also part of the event, with interested filmmakers selecting from three topics related to climate change.

The Havelu-based Seleka Arts Group has also been supported by R2R.

The group members, who are young learning and practising artists, help paint the project’s new fibre-glass boat.

Taniela Petelo and one of his artwork during the Seleka Arts Display in Havelu in early December. Photo: R2R MEDIA

The group work on recyling waste material like plastic and glass bottles, tyres, newspapers, plastic bags and clothes – turning those into impressive works of art.

Most of those recycled items were on display during the Seleka Arts display at their Havelu Art Gallery in the early week of December.

Both art groups have also worked with the project in producing video clips on the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment area.


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