Manuka seek assistance to protect beachfront

NUKU’ALOFA-January 13: 4.10pm (R2R MEDIA): The Manuka community in the Eastern Division (Hahake) of Tongatapu are living with the daily realisation that they might lose their beachfront, unless drastic steps are taken to stop beach erosion in the area.

Manuka’s Town Officer Taniela Mateaki Takitaki, who was on site earlier today to show the team from the Tonga Ridge To Reef (R2R) project what the beachfront looks like now, says they need help to put in place a program that would help stop the erosion and the seawater from sipping into the beachfront.

A fallen tree along the Manuka beachfront. Photo: R2R MEDIA

He said the area that needs to be worked on is around “50 metres in length along the beachfront and 20 metres in width,” Mr Takitaki said.

There is about five (5) metres spacing between the big (ovava) trees and the same distance to the road.

“This place is very vulnerable,” he added.

Mr Takitaki is hopeful that assistance could be found to help the members of his community.

The area has seen some real damage, with trees already fallen and uprooted.

The seawater was also sipped in under some of the growing trees, exposing their roots.

The real effect of climate change…the damaged Manuka beachfront. Photo: R2R MEDIA

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