Consultation talks on Nukunukumotu Island

NUKU’ALOFA-January 20: 10.47am (R2R MEDIA): A joint Fisheries Department and Tonga R2R project team visited Nukunukumotu Island (Siesia), off the main island of Tongatapu, on Thursday afternoon – January 19.

The team of Latu Aisea (Fisheries) and Oto’ota To’oa (R2R) held a consultation meeting with the community members on the island, discussing issues they wanted help with and the proposed project that is being planned for trial on the island.

The community appreciated the visit and looked forward to working with the R2R project on the planned project.

Around 40 members of the community attended the meeting, including men, women and children.

Some members of the Nukunukumotu community at the consultation meeting on Thursday. Photo: R2R MEDIA
The members of the Nukunukumotu community at their meeting on Thursday


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