Please do not damage road posts and flower gardens

NUKU’ALOFA – March 14: 9.23am (Environment): The Department of Environment is asking members of the public to refrain from damaging roadside posts and flower gardens that have been erected along Vuna Road here in Nuku’alofa.

Flower gardens at the bus stand on Vuna Road

This follows confirmation that some roadside posts and flower gardens have been damaged.

Emvironment Officer Filimone Lapao’o, who works with his team from the Waste Department in trying to help keep the waterfront clean, said Government has spent hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on beautification activities and the up keeping of Nuku’alofa waterfront and other public reserves.

As part of the Environment Department’s (MEIDECC) beautification mandate, it aims to maintain and improve the appearance of the Nuku’alofa Waterfront area from Sopu to Popua.In addition, a number of Ministries have assisted in maintaining and upgrading these areas, which reflects the commitment made by the Government to develop economic improvement through Tourism attraction.

“Installing of the roadside post along the Vuna Road was made with a purpose to maintain the lawn hence, keeping the environment clean and green,” Mr Lapao’ said.

“However, this has been abused by a few which has resulted in a number of roadside posts being removed or damaged due to reckless driving and other intentional attitudes.

A damaged road post at the Tanoa Dateline Hotel carpark

“In addition, there are raised garden bedding (‘EsiMatala’iakau) along the two bus stations that are being maintained for decoration and beautification, yet that have also been publicly abused with poor mentality towards the public property.”

The department also hopes that activities such as vehicle parking, roadside vendors, sports and other recreation activities can be stopped in these areas, given the Ministry’s commitment in maintaining the Clean and Green appearance of this area, “as these activities work against the purpose of our commitment to this area”.

“We therefore seek the assistance of the Public in looking after these public properties and maintaining our environment by keeping it Clean and Green, it is our responsibility,” Mr Lapao’o added.

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