Drivers targetted

NUKU’ALOFA-March 22: 3.10pm (Environment): Enforcement officers from the Department of Environment are now working on enforcing the Waste Regulations, with the special focus on public transport like buses and taxis.

Environment Officer Sulieti Hufanga talking to a bus driver about the Waste Regulation. Photo: R2R MEDIA

A team started visiting bus and taxi drivers here in Nuku’alofa today, sharing with them copies of the Regulation, especially that which states that buses and taxis need to have rubbish bags or tins on board so that passengers can use that to dispose off rubbish.

Drivers will stand to get a $100 fine if they do not ensure that rubbish bags or tins are in their vehicle when they are transporting members of the public.

The enforcement comes into effect from Saturday, April 1.

Environment Officer Filimone Lapao’o said the officers will work on getting the message out to the taxi and bus drivers so that they are aware of the enforcement and what they will face if they do not follow the law.

He added that the law has been there for some time but the enforcement had not been done previously.


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