Enforcement officers discuss waste regulation

NUKU’ALOFA-March 28: 12.30pm (Environment): Enforcement officers from partner agencies today discussed how best they can enforce the Environment Management (Litter and Waste Control) Regulations 2016.

The enforcement period starts from Saturday, April 1.

Discussions on the Waste Regulations 2016 at Davina House today. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Officers from the Department of Environment, Waste Authority, Tonga Police Force, Ministry of Health and the Crown Law Office have been discussing the enforcement over the last two weeks.

A training today at Davina House saw the officers sharing methods on how best issues could be tackled.

An important issue raised has been the continuing awareness so that members of the public can know the Regulation and how they should control illegal dumping and littering.

Fines are regulated in accordance with the different infringements.

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