Technical Committee discuss issues to help Fanga’uta work

NUKU’ALOFA-April 18: 4pm (R2R MEDIA): The Technical Working Group of the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area and the Ridge To Reef Project (R2R) met earlier today at the Ngutulei Restaurant Conference Room on Faua Wharf in Ma’ufanga to discuss issues relating to programmes of work.

Water Quality report being presented by Mr Penikoni Aleamotua of the Department of Environment. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Chaired by the Director of Environment Ms Lupe Matoto, the meeting brought together reps from the different ministries, government organisations and Civil Society.

Ms Matoto, sitting in for Chairman Mr Paula Ma’u, thanked the members for making the time to attend the meeting, despite their busy schedules.

Reports were tabled by reps from the different sectors including Forestry, Waste Clean Up, Mangroves, Special Management Areas (Fisheries), Water Quality and Marine.

Discussions focused on what needs to be done to help keep the Fanga’uta Lagoon “green and healthy” and how best marine life could be restored to the lagoon.



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