Technical committee discuss requests for assistance

NUKU’ALOFA-May 26: 3.45pm (R2R Media): This morning’s Technical Committee meeting of the R2R/Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area held at the Department of Environment’s conference room here in Nuku’alofa discussed a number of requests from community members around the FLC area.

Chairman Paula Ma’u gets a briefing from Project Manager Ta’hirih Hokafonu. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of MEIDECC, Mr Paula Ma’u, the meeting discussed issues including:

1. request from the Holonga Village community for the project to help them pave their road.

2. request from the Manuka community for the project to help in funding their attempt to save trees that line the coastline of the village

3. request from the Alaki community for the fencing of the Captain Cook Landing area, which is also a popular tourist site

4. discussing the possible sites identified to have a jetty, as per request from the DPM. This included 6 sites identified by the R2R/Lands/Geology team

5. requests from the Community Management Committee for the project to consider funding additional waste clean up for the Kolofo’ou/Ma’ufanga area and the review of the ‘Districts Animal Enclosure Regulation 2009’

The committee agreed on the assistance sought and their recommendations will be taken on board by the Project Management Unit.

The meeting was also updated on the financial status of the project and media/communication work carried out in the first quarter of 2017.

Project Manager Ta’hirih Hokafonu briefed the committee members on updates of work and outstanding issues that needed to be discussed.


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