Hoi villagers agree to help save their mangroves for the future

NUKU’ALOFA-June 14: 3.10pm (R2R Media): Hoi villagers here on Tongatapu have agreed to work on securing their childrens’ future by agreeing to implement a mangrove re-planting project along their village coastline, in partnership with the Tonga Ridge To Reef project.

A consultation meeting held at the village’s community hall on Tuesday night saw the villagers agreeing to the project, with many saying this would help restore mangroves along the Fanga’uta Lagoon coastline.

Some of the Hoi villagers at Tuesday evening’s meeting at the village hall. Photo: R2R MEDIA

That in turn would help bring back marine life, including fish and the different species of seashells that used to be plenty in the area in recent past.

“This will help bring back the fish and marine life we used to enjoy in the past,” Hoi town officer Taniela Kuluka said.

“I am asking the meeting to agree for us to move ahead with the project for the sake of our childrens’ future.

“Planting the mangroves will help in a lot of ways and we might not be able to see that in our lifetime but those coming up after us will enjoy the benefits later.”

R2R Project’s Mangrove Specialist Hoifu’a ‘Aholahi told the meeting that the mangrove re-planting project is part of the Fanga’uta Lagoon management programme that the R2R project has implemented in different communities around the Fanga’uta Lagoon.

This has included Talasiu, Holonga, Folaha, Nukuleka, Longoteme and the Talafo’ou waterfront.

“Basically what the project aims to do is help protect the coastline and in doing that the mangroves when they grow will also help in restoring marine life,” he said.

Hoi villagers attending the consultation meeting on Tuesday evening at the village hall. Photo: R2R MEDIA

The R2R project funds the major part of the project with the communities contributing through voluntary labour in cleaning up the area, the construction of posts for fencing off the re-planting site and providing the posts for the fencing.

Tuesday night’s meeting approved the project with the villagers agreeing to start work on cutting posts for the project on Monday, June 19.

Earlier today the R2R team toured the site to identify heavy waste including that of old cars left around the coastline that would need to be cleared off the area.

The clearing work will start next week with the R2R project partnering with Gio Recyling to do that.

The re-planting project will take around three weeks.

Mangrove seedlings from the R2R Mangrove Nursery in Popua will be planted on the site.


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