Waste education for schools now on

NUKU’ALOFA-September 3: 3.10pm (R2R Media): Primary schools within the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment area, will be the first to receive an educational and awareness program on how to manage waste and rubbish.

A team from the Department of Environment, including that of the Tonga Ridge to Reef project, started the visitation today to two schools here in Nuku’alofa.

The team visited the Popua and Ma’ufanga Government Primary Schools this morning.

Environment Officer Suli Hufanga speaking at the Popua GPS this morning. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Led by R2R Waste Program coordinator Talita Helu, the team also included Environment staff Sulueti Hufanga, R2R Technical Officer Petelo Otoota Tooa and R2R National Communication and Information Officer Iliesa Tora.

Education Officer Alifeleti Fonua arranged the visits with the different school management.

Both Ms Helu and Ms Hufanga shared information on rubbish and waste, highlighting the importance of working together as a family and community to make sure that our environment is clean.

They told the students and teachers at the two schools visited today that it was important that everyone played their roles.

Ms Hufanga said there are now laws relating to littering and there were penalties that one can face if found to be littering.

Ms Helu added that the waste program she coordinates works on ensuring that people stop dumping their waste around the Fanga’uta Lagoon.

A total of 224 students attend Popua GPS with 10 teachers while 556 attend Ma’ufanga GPS, with a total of 20 teachers.

More schools will be visited this week.

The R2R Project is funding the campaign.

Schools will also received rubbish bins, as part of the R2R funding.

Students of the Popua GPS at the waste awareness program this morning. Photo: R2R MEDIA


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