Awareness team complete first round of schools

NUKU’ALOFA-September 8: 2.52pm (R2R Media): The Tonga Ridge to Reef waste awareness program completed its first round of visits this week, covering eight primary schools around the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area.

Working in raising awareness amongst students on the importance of the proper management of rubbish and waste, the team took time to talk with students on the important subject, with the hope that they would become champions for ensuring that our environments are kept clean and healthy.

Students of Havelu GPS at the waste awareness program earlier today. Photo: R2R MEDIA

“It is very important for children to learn early and they are the ones who will be our future so if they learn now and practise that throughout their lives then we have some hope for our environment,” R2R Waste Program co-ordinator Talita Helu said.

Ms Helu and Environment Officer Sulueti Hufanga conducted the talks and presented on two important issues – managing waste and rubbish plus the regulations and laws that now govern littering and waste control.

R2R National Information and Communication Officer Iliesa Tora said the awareness program is important because children can learn now and share that knowledge with their peers and families at home as well.

“Targeting school children this young is critical,” he said.

R2R funded the program and supplied two bins each to the schools visited.

Joining the team on the campaign visits were R2R Technical Officer Petelo Otoota Tooa, R2R Support Staff Vivien Sika and Education officer Alifeleti Fonua.

Schools visited this week included Popua GPS, Ma’ufanga GPS, Fasimoeafi GPS, Ngeleia GPS, Nuku’alofa GPS, Fanga GPS, Havelu GPS and Pea GPS.

Approximately 1,000 students were involved in the program this week.

More schools will be visited next week.

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