More schools visited by waste awareness team

NUKU’ALOFA-September 15: 2.12pm (R2R MEDIA): More schools were visited by the Tonga Ridge To Reef/Environment waste awareness team this week.

R2R Technical Officer Otoota Tooa with students at Holonga GPS. Photo: R2R MEDIA

The team resumed visitation from Monday and ended that this morning, with the government primary schools now going on a week’s break.

Schools that were visited this week included ‘Atele GPS, Veitongo GPS, Vaini GPS, Folaha GPS, Longoteme GPS, Malapo GPS and Holonga GPS.

The team presented on waste management and regulations that now govern the dumping of waste and littering.

R2R Waste Program co-ordinator Talita Helu and Environment Officer Sulueti Hufanga were the lead facilitators in the program, with support from Education Officer Alifeleti Fonua.

Support staff included R2R Project Management Unit members Otoota Tooa, Vivien Sika and Iliesa Tora.

The awareness team will take a break next week and will resume their training when the Fourth Term starts in two weeks.


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