Alaki women’s group get R2R’s assistance

NUKU’ALOFA-September 19: 12.30pm (R2R Media): Members of the Alaki women’s group here on Tongatapu received the assistance of the Tonga Ridge to Reef Project last Friday, to help them in maintaining their village and the Captain Cook’s Landing Site.

The women’s group is part of the Alaki community within the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area, the focal point of the R2R project’s work here in Tonga.

Town Officer Lavakei’aho Tu’ipolotu was on hand with members of the women’s group to receive two lawn-mowers and two brush-cutters from R2R Project Manager Ta’hirih Hokafonu and her team at the Captain Cook’s Landing site.

The R2R assistance in the form of lawn-mowers and brush-cutters presented to the Alaki women’s group. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Ms Hokafonu said the equipment would help the members of the women’s group in maintaining the cleanliness of the landing site, which is a favourite tourism site.

“That will help them earn an income and support themselves and their families,” she added.

Mr Tu’ipolotu extended the group’s gratitude to the R2R project and added that they were blessed with the support given to them.

“We are thankful for the assistance given as this will help the women and members of the group in their income generating project here in the village,” he said.

The women’s group has also started a mulberry tree farm. Mulberry tree is where tapa is obtained from.

The R2R team was also able to tour the farm and see the work that has been done there.

The women’s group also includes single mothers who are supporting themselves and their children.

Visiting the plantation at Alaki


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