Monitoring of Fanga’uta Lagoon continues this week

NUKU’ALOFA-October 11: 9.30am (R2R MEDIA): The annual monitoring of the Fanga’uta Lagoon is currently underway, with the R2R monitoring team is currently covering the area from Popua to Nukuleka.

The monitoring covers water samples, seagrass, algae, corals and other organisms plus mud cover within the lagoon.

Led by team leader Penikoni Aleaamotua, the team started off on Monday and will continue for the week.

On Tuesday the team started taking in students with Class 6 student Siaosi Aleaamotua joining the team on their survey trip.

More local and international students are expected to join the team on Thursday and Friday.

One of the highlights of the current monitoring is the team’s ability now to test water samples on the field, rather than having to take the sample to the Lab at Vaoloaloa for testing.

The good news also is that the water standard within the Lagoon is still normal.

Mr Penikoni Aleaamotua said that tests they have done so far this week confirms the standard of water within the lagoon area was still normal, without any real change.

“That is a positive,” he said.

On the inclusion of students, he said this was part of the monitoring team’s commitment towards raising awareness with the community.

“We are getting students involved and we will have more students joining us on Thursday and Friday, with some international students as well,” he added.

The monitoring results will help the Fanga’uta committees in their decision making on how best the lagoon can be managed.

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