EIA consult on review and way forward

NUKU’ALOFA – October 23: 9.50am (R2R Media):  The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Unit of the Department of Environment and the Ministry of MEIDECC’s Legal Division held a review of the current EIA Legislation here in Tonga on October 10-11 at the MEIDECC Head Office here in Nuku’alofa.

Sponsored by the Climate Resilience Sector Project (CRSP) the exercise was held to review the current EIA legislation of Tonga for effective implementation by MEIDECC and also increase awareness and support of EIA law review by key stakeholders through sharing information between Government organisations, NGOs, private sector in Tonga.

EIA Legislation review

The target audience were MEIDECC staff, staff of the Crown law Office, the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources Planning and Urban Management Agency, the Ministry of Infrastructure (Building Control Division), the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer, Trade, Innovation and Labour, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Tonga Civil Society, the Ministry of Fisheries, the Tonga Business Enterprises Centre and the Ports Authority Tonga.

The Director for Environment, Ms Lupe Matoto, opened the consultation workshop on Tuesday, October 10 and hand over to Facilitators to lead the discussion on the existing law, EIA process, enforcement and compliance.

Day 2 focused on the drafted EIA Consultant Registration Scheme drafted as one of the way forward.

The consultation was attended by the Solicitor general, Sione Sisifa and the CEO for Lands, Survey and Natural Resources, Ms Rosamond Bing with technical experts from key stakeholders.

Group work and exercises were given to participants to discuss what would be the feasible solutions and how to address the current EIA regime challenges.

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