Environment Officers undergo training in Radio Telephone operation

NUKU’ALOFA-October 23: 3.40pm (R2R Media): Four staff of the Environment Department, who are involved with water and marine monitoring of the Fanga’uta Lagoon, are currently undergoing a week-long training on how to operate Radio Telephones here at the Environment conference room in Nuku’alofa.

The four are Uikelotu Valu, Penikoni Aleaamotua, Senituli Finau and Vivien Sika.

Veteran radio operator Finau Hufanga is conducting the training, in line with the Department of Communications’ requirement, under the Ministry of MEIDECC.

Speaking to the trainees this afternoon Mr Hufanga stressed the importance of having the right training to gain the knowledge needed to efficiently operate a radio telephone.

“That is important and what you are going to learn today may one day help someone in distress,” Mr Hufanga told the trainees.

The R2R Project organised the training as part of the project’s program.

The project operates its Marine Monitoring vessel that is used for monitoring within Fanga’uta.

Once the four have passed the exam which they will have to sit at the end of the training they will be certified as radio operators.

The department’s radio telephone can also be added to the national network used during times of disasters here in Tonga, including during cyclones or earthquakes.

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