Manuka waterfront get temporary help

NUKU’ALOFA-December 13: 10.55am (R2R News): In their efforts to try and stop sand erosion along their waterfront Manuka villagers, on the Eastern part of Tongatapu, sought the assistance of the Tonga Ridge to Reef project.

Their request was discussed at the various committee meetings of the R2R Technical and Community Management Committee before approval was granted for funding to pay for gravel, stones and sand that have now been used to build temporary breakers along the waterfront and around trees that line the beach in front of the village.

Last week the temporary breakers were completed and the villagers were on hand to thank the R2R Project for their assistance.

Part of the temporary breakers built along the Manuka waterfront to help stop sand erosion in the area. Photo: R2R MEDIA

Town Officer Taniela Mateaki Takitaki was on site with some villagers last week to show off the new temporary breakers built.

He said the effect of climate change is something they see daily in Manuka.

“We have had problems were the rising sea level and the fact that the sea waters now come straight up to the road,” he said.

“Some of the trees that line our waterfront have been uprooted because of the sea waters continuing to take away sand from the waterfront.

“We have to try and stop the erosion because these trees protect our shores. If they all fall and the erosion continues we can also lose our road and the village will be in danger.”

Last week works were completed.

The villagers have also asked for permanent assistance and are hopeful that the Climate Change project would be able to help them with funding.

“We have requested and they have said there is possibility of funding in 2018,” Mr Takitaki said.

The R2R project paid for the materials to be used for the project and also the carting of the materials to the village.

This is part of works to help develop and sustain communities within the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment Area.


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