Two days of consultation training on ocean management

NUKU’ALOFA – September 4, 2018: 3.42pm (Enviro News): A two-day Consultants Training is being conducted in Nuku’alofa this week to prepare for the planned Outer Islands Awareness Consultation campaign to be conducted by the Department of Environment.

Partnering with other departments like Fisheries, Tourism, Lands and Survey, the Department of Marine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the awareness campaign will focus on the Marine Spatial Planning.

Dr Vailala Matoto sharing a point during the training today. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

The MSP will be Tonga’s ocean management plan, which will guide how Tonga’s manages her ocean and resources.

The consultation training started today, September 4, at the Energy Department’s Conference Room at the Ministry of MEIDECC. It will end tomorrow afternoon.

The Chief Executive Officer for Lands and Survey, Ms Rosamond Bing, told the participants at the opening ceremony that the work they are going to is critical so that people understand what is going to be involved and what the Marine Spatial Planning is all about.

“You are going to discuss how best we can tackle this and ensure that people understand what we are coming to do so that they can rally behind us and support and be a part of the project,” she said.

The Director of Evangelism with the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, Reverend Falematapule Lomu told the participants that the work they are going out to do is important for the future livelihood of Tonga.

He based his sharing from the Bible and blessed the consultation training and the consultation process they were going to carry out.

Dr Rosamond Bing speaking at the training this morning. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

A team from the partner ministries will be going out to the outer islands Ha’apai, Vava’u, Niuatoputapu, Niuafo’ou, ‘Eua and Tongatapu.

The proposed consultation awareness is scheduled to start late this month and will run until March 2019.

Reps from Vava’u. Ha’apai and Niuafo’ou attended the consultation training today with partners from the Department of Environment, Fisheries, Tourism, Lands and Survey and Marine.

The International Union for Conservation (IUCN) is partnering with the Government of Tonga in the current process of carrying out the consultation process.


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