Work diligently and enjoy it: C.E.O

Mr Paula Ma’u (front middle) with Environment staff on January 11. Photo: Enviro News

Nuku’alofa – January 14, 2019: 9.05am (Enviro News): Staff of the Environment Department were advised to work diligently and enjoy their service to the community during a special ‘Meet ‘n Greet’ event at the department’s conference room on January 11.

New Environment staff – Talikivaha Latuila (left) and Sisilia Tupou Fatafehi Alaimaluloa Ulakai at the ‘Meet n Greet’ event on January 11 where they were introduced to the C.E.O Mr Paula Ma’u. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Chief Executive Officer Paula Ma’u said it was important that staff give their best while serving and be happy about what they are doing.

He gave the comments while speaking at the event, hosted by the department’s Social Club.

“It is important that we work diligently and give our all in our service. At the same time you must enjoy what you are doing,” Mr Ma’u told staff.

Mr Ma’u said that the department’s role in helping keep Tonga clean is a critical one.

Acting Director Mafile’o Masi (right) speaking at the event as Mr Ma’u looks on. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Acting Director of Environment Mafile’o Masi said staff have been advised to lift their service this year to a new level.

She said the department has a lot of work that needs to be done.

The event was also used to welcome two new staff to the department, who joined early this month.

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