Environment team part of MEIDECC planning retreat

MEIDECC staff with CEO Paula Ma’u at the Liku’alofa Beach Resort on January 17. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Nuku’alofa – January 18, 2019: 9.20am (Enviro News): The Department of Environment was part of the Ministry of MEIDECC’s annual planning retreat at the Liku’alofa Beach Resort in Kanokupolu yesterday – January 17.

Led by Director Atelaite Lupe Matoto, the Environment team, joined other ministerial staff from Corporate Division, Energy, Climate Change, Meteorology, Information and Communication at the planning retreat.

Chief Executive Officer Paula Ma’u opened the retreat and set the tone for discussions and planning.

Environment staff with Director Lupe Matoto at the retreat. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

The Environment team included Chief Environmentalist Mafile’o Ongosia Masi, Ta’hirih Ta’hirih Fifita Hokafonu, the Principal Assistant Secretary ( Principal Biodiversity Officer & Head of Island and Ocean Ecosystem Division), Siosiua Latu, the Principal Assistant Secretary ( Principal Environmental Information Officer) and Lesieli Tu’ivai, the Acting Head of the Environment Impact Assessment Unit.

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