Fanga’uta Committee discuss possibilities

Civil Society Forum of Tonga’s Keasi Pongi sharing about funding opportunities at the Fanga’uta CMC meeting. On the left is committee chairman Samiuela Pohiva. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Nuku’alofa – March 8, 2019: 10.45am (Enviro News): The Fanga’uta Lagoon Community Management Committee discussed funding possibilities and options to help their different communities at the first meeting of 2019.

Held at the Bahai Faith hall in Kolofo’ou on Thursday, March 7 the meeting heard of funding opportunities available through the Civil Society Forum of Tonga office.

The Chief Executive Officer of the CSFOT Keasi Pongi briefed the meeting about the funding opportunities and urged the committee members to look at the opportunities available to them and their different communities.

“There are funds available through two different funding opportunities right now,” she said.

District and town officers at the meeting on Thursday in Kolofo’ou. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

The two funding opportunities are the GEF Small Grants Programme and the Climate Change Trust Fund.

The GEF Small Grants Programme is funded by the Global Environment Facility.

This fund is administered by the CSFOT as the National Host Organisation. Applications are finalized by the GEF Small Grants Steering Committee & coordinated by the GEF SGP National Coordinator who is also with CSFT.

Maximum amount one can apply for is US$50,000.00 or TOP$100,000.

Partners from Tonga National Youth Congress and Tonga Community Development Trust at the meeting on Thursday, March 7.

The Climate Change Trust Fund is administered by the MEIDECC Office and they have their own steering committee that finalises applications.

Maximum amount you can apply for is TOP$250,000.

Fanga’uta CMC is made up of district and town officers from the 26 villages around Fanga’uta Lagoon.

Committee chairman Samiuela Pohiva from the Ministry of Internal Affairs urged the members to work together with their communities and see what projects they would be interested in.

“I would like to ask all of you to work with the two different offices and see what funding you can apply for to help your different communities,” he said.

Fanga’uta Lagoon project officer Petelo Otoota presenting on activities around the lagoon. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Committee secretary Ta’hirih Hokafonu suggested at the meeting that a training workshop be done to help the district and town officers with proper proposal writing and budget planning.

That was agreed to by the committee members.

Meanwhile, Fanga’uta Lagoon project officer Petelo Otoota briefed the meeting about different monitoring, survey and work programmes currently being carried out by the Department of Environment in Fanga’uta.

There were calls for the department to provide test results from water tests that were carried out recently so that communities can know what is the status of the water around their different communities.

The meeting also agreed to ensure that any development planned for Fanga’uta or its surrounding area needs to have a proper Environment Impact Assessment before the works are being implemented.

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