Environment opens ‘Trash Challenge’

Part of the Ha’apai Masani Challenge earlier in April. The Environment Department has now opened a ‘Trash Challenge’ aimed at helping Tonga beat pollution as part of the 2019 Environment Week celebration. Photo: MEIDECC Ha’apai

Nuku’alofa – May 14, 2019: 4pm (Enviro News): The Department of Environment has opened an online ‘Trash Challenge’ as part of the ‘Beat Pollution’ campaign.

This is part of the activities now being implemented by the department for the 2019 Environment Week.

“We like to invite all interested individuals to a Tonga Trash Challenge Competition towards the Tonga “National Environment Week”,” Environment staff Filimone Lapao’o said.

“All you need to do is dial 25-050 and speak to Siosiua Hakaumotu OR anyone on the Trash Challenge Team for free registration or email Mr. Hakaumotu on email: siuahakaumotu@gmail.com. Registration starts now until 4:00pm, Tuesday the 21st of May 2019.”

Rules are:

(1) Upload your Challenge photos OR videos, of the Before and After of the site and must share to the ENVIRONMENT TONGA group page. You can upload it any time once you’ve confirmed your registration. Judging of upload challenges will be consider no later than 4:00 pm 28th May 2019.

(2) You must title your upload as “Beat Pollution” under the registered name (or mention the registration name as the author of the post)

(3) The site can be any site, but must prove to be located in Tonga.

(4) Winners will be announce on the Week 27th – 31st May 2019, with prizes to awarded on the 7th of June 2019.

Criteria of judging will be two phased:
First – Number of likes and appearance on Social Media (40%)
Second – On Site Inspection by the Department’s Judges (60%)

PRIZES are motivating and includes 5 CASH prizes, Rubbish Bins, and Beat Pollution T-shirts.

For further information, please contact Siua Hakaumotu OR the Trash Challenges Team at the Department.

The Ministry of MEIDECC Office in Ha’apai and the Office of the Govenor of Ha’apai office held a similar challenge earlier in April, calling it the ‘Ha’apai Masani Challenge’.

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