Fanga’uta committee raise issues on assistance

Fanga’uta CMC members after their meeting this morning. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Nuku’alofa – July 9, 2019: 2.15pm (Enviro News): Members of the new-look Fanga’uta Community Management Committee this morning raised issues on assistance that would help them serve their community members better.

These were raised during the 2nd Fanga’uta CMC meeting for the year, held at the Ministry of MEIDECC’s main conference room at the OG Sanft Building in Nuku’alofa.

Town officers and district officers who attended the meeting raised the issues with Chairman Samiuela Pohiva.

Vaini District Officer Viliami Sisifa (left) with Chairman Samiuela Pohiva. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Vaini District Officer Viliami Sisifa raised his communities’ concerns over the status of the quality of water at the Tapuhia Waste Management site and asked the meeting if water testing reports be made available to them.

Mr Sisifa said this would help them in advising their community members.

“This is important and I humbly ask if we could have the reports made available to us so that we are able to share this with our town officers who in turn will be able to advise our community members,” Mr Sisifa added.

Chairman Mr Pohiva said this was important and he added, after receiving advise from the official representing the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources that reports are available at the Geology Department office in Vaoloaloa.

“You can all get copies of the quarterly reports from the Geology Office,” he added.

Presentations were made by the Geology Department and the Waste Management office.

Presentation from Waste Authority at the meeting.

Most town officers were interested to find out about waste collection programs by the Waste Management team and also the water testing procedures for their community water sources.

Presentation from Geology at the meeting.

Manuka, Nukuleka and Navutoka raised the issue of having evacuation roads constructed, while there were also requests for the construction of boat bays for the communities.

The meeting agreed that there should be more training for the new town officers elected in May and there was general consensus that this would be arranged by the Secretariat.

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