Prayer meeting ends first week of 2020

Acting Director Environment Mr Sione Tukia Lepa speaking at the first prayer service and staff meeting this morning. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Nuku’alofa – January 10, 2020: 12.35pm (Enviro News): The management and staff of the Environment Department here in Nuku’alofa met this morning to thank God for the week of work and elect new officials for their Staff and Social Club.

Acting Director Mr Sione Tukia Lepa led the opening service of 2020 and the subsequent election for the staff club.

In his remarks Mr Lepa said staff should be thankful to God for His protection and guidance through the first week of the new year.

He also reminded staff members to work diligently throughout the year.

New staff club president Ms Sulieti Hufanga (left), new secretary Brian Fusimalohi and Head of Islands and Oceans Division Ms Ta’hirih Hokafonu at the staff meeting this morning. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

In his remarks after the election of the new office bearers for the staff club Mr Lepa said being elected into a position was an honour “because it gives us the opportunity to serve and learn”.

Meanwhile, the new office bearers for the Environment Department’s Staff and Social Club for 2020 are: President – Sulieti Hufanga, Vice President – Kosilio Faka’osi, Treasurer – Mele Tovi, Asst Treasurer – Malini Teulilo, Secretary – Brian Fusimalohi, Asst Secretary – Vivien Sika.

The department holds weekly staff meetings every Friday.

New assistant secretary for the staff club Vivien Sika (left) and vice president Kosilio Faka’osi at the meeting this morning. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

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