Red algae threaten mangroves

Red algae on young mangrove plants. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

Nuku’alofa – May 27, 2020: 4.45pm (Enviro News): Red algae have now been found to be affecting the growth of mangroves around Tongatapu.

A team from the Department of Environment and MORDI Tonga have reported this following inspections carried out this week in areas around the main island.

This included the mangrove plantations in Sopu, Nukunukumotu, Nukuhetulu, Nukuleka, Hoi and Manuka.

“This is a worry,” Hoifua ‘Aholahi said.

“The red algae can kill the young plants.”

The inspection was carried out to see mangrove plants following Cyclone Harold.

The team will make their recommendation to the Department on what needs to be done.

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