First draft Ocean Plan community meet in Tongatapu done

Participants with members of the MSP Team in Kolonga last night. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS/MSP

Nuku’alofa – June 14, 2020: 11.15am (Enviro News): The first community consultation meet on the draft Tonga Ocean Plan for Tongatapu was held at Kolonga village last night.

The draft was taken to members of the Niutoua, Afa and Kolonga communities by the members of the Marine Spatial Planning team, working with the Tonga Ocean 7s working group.

Group discussions on in Kolonga last night. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS/MSP

Members of the there villages were able to hear what the draft plan has and discuss what their thoughts were.

Once the consultations around Tongatapu, ‘Eua and the two Niuas are completed the team will present to the Tonga Ocean 7 committee, who are tasked with working on the Ocean Plan, which will become the ocean management plan for Tonga.

Consultations have also been held in Ha’apai ana Vava’u.

Community consultations in Kolonga last night. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS/MSP

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