Whales’ take to the Tongan seas

One of the whale calves that turned up to provide the show on August 29.
Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

Nuku’alofa – September 7, 2020: 1.35pm (Enviro News): The whales have been taking to Tonga’s seas over the last month, entertaining all those who have been out to take a glimpse at them.

Members of the Marine Team here at the Environment Department have been out on a few trips to monitor what is happening out there in the open seas.

The Information Team was also part of a recent trip, thanks to the Tatafu Family who invited us to be part of one of their ‘paid’ trips, this time by the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Nuku’alofa.

Another sighting here as the whales turned it on for those who had hoped to catch a glimpse of their beauty. Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

What a trip it turned out to be.

With lead guide Lahaina Tatafu providing the tips on how to swim with the whales out in the sea, the Deep Bue Diving team on board worked overtime to ensure that visitors on board were able to at least sight some whales.

The rough seas hampered the plan to have swims but sighting the whales was a great experience for all those on board the whale watching vessel.

By the end of the trip visitors were able to watch at least 10 whales – both mums and their calves.

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