Navutoka coastline face daily threats

Part of the coastline between Navutoka and Makaunga village. The big trees that used to line the coastline are now lying sideways on their branches after they fell during cyclones in the past 24 months. Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

Nuku’alofa – September 9, 2020: 10.05am (Enviro News): Daily threats, both natural and man made, continue to drastically affect the coastline between the villages of Navutoka and Makaunga on the East of Tongatapu.

Rising sea level, natural hazards such as cyclones and storm surges plus the man-made threat of trashing by those who use the coastline for picnics have drastically affected the area.

A visit by the Environment Department’s Communication team to the site yesterday, September 8, showed that seawater has moved further inland and have affected tress that grown along the coastline.

The Department is working on identifying coastlines that can be selected for possible beach monitoring projects.

Another of the big trees that used to line the coastline now almost uprooted, with seawater marks going beyond it towards the road. Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

The projects would help gather information and data on how the coastlines or beachfronts are transformed over a certain period of time.

The beachfront has lost almost 10 metres over the last 24 months.

Big trees that used to line the coastlines are now lying on their branches, with their roots soaking the sun daily after they were fell by cyclone winds in the last two years.

Now watermarks have moved beyond the trees to the roadside.

Other plants that grown along the coastline are dying as well as a direct result of seawater filtering through their roots.

Water marks are moving further inland killing trees along the coastline here.
Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

Rubbish have also been noticed to be thrown around the area, especially by picknickers who use the coastline as this is a favourite picnic spot.

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