Turtles saved, some lost out

Karen Stone of Vepa Vava’u and Brian Fusimalohi of the Marine Team with Sam the turtle inside the seawater tank at the Fisheries Department in Sopu.

Nuku’alofa – January 27, 2021: 11.30am (Enviro News): The Turtle Lake in Fangaloto, opposite the New Zealand High Commission residence, has lost two turtles while around 22 have been saved.

Department of Environment’s Marine Team were called in to help last week, following the discovery of a dead turtle on the lake shore.

When the team visited the lake, two turtles were saved and taken to the Fisheries Department for recuperation in the seawater tanks they had installed.

Jim the turtle was found struggling around the lake and had a tag on its shell. Photo: ENVIRO NEWS

One was found dead on the lakeside, adding to another that was found in the same state a few days earlier.

Salinity tests carried out by the team found that the seawater level was too low, as rain water had filled up the lake.

Turtles in the lake had been found to be struggling as a result.

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