Data reporting assistance for Environment Staff

The Director, Atelaite Lupe Matoto (middle front) with Mr Latu (in blue short front), management and staff of the Environment Department at the training. Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

Nuku’alofa – March 8, 2021: 10.10am (Enviro News): The Director, management and staff of the Environment Department here in Nuku’alofa went through a training on Indicator Reporting Tool on Thursday, February 25.

This was conducted by the Tonga Inform Project consultant, Mr Siosiua Latu.

Director Mrs Atelaite Lupe Matoto opened the training with comments and said that the training would help management and staff on understanding how better to report on data they have.

“This training is important for all of us, especially in reporting and reporting effectively,” she said.

Mr Latu said the Inform Project aims to help develop better reporting systems so that data are “factual, correct and can be used effectively”.

“The project has set up the system for us to be able to use and access, making our work easier and efficient,” he said.

“At the same time this will help us report correctly so that what we are giving out is correct and factual.”

Close to 20 staff attended the training, which was held at the Department of Environment office.

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