Chinese Embassy assists Environment Week program

Mr Ma’u (left) explains a point to Ambassador Ciao Xiaolin at the Chinese Embassy in Fasi this morning.
Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

Nuku’alofa – April 6, 2021: 3.20pm (Enviro News): Chinese Ambassador to Tonga, His Excellency Ciao Xiaolin this morning handed over a cheque for $5600 pa’anga to assist the 2021 Environment Week celebrations.

Ministry of MEIDECC Chief Executive Officer Paula Ma’u was on hand to receive the assistance.

He was accompanied by Director of Environment Mrs Atelaite Lupe Matoto, Acting Information Unit head Mrs Dorothy Foliaki and National Communication/Information Officer for the Department of Environment Iliesa Tora.

Mr Ma’u (left) receives the cheque from Ambassador Ciao at the Chinese Embassy this morning. Photo: Iliesa Tora/Enviro News

In receiving Mr Ma’u and his delegation Ambassador Ciao said his government was committed to ensuring that China has a clean environment.

He added that is why the Chinese Embassy wanted to be part of the Fanga’uta Day celebrations planned for June 4.

The day is part of the National Environment Week program planned by the Environment Department.

In responding to the Ambassador’s remarks Mr Ma’u said the ministry was grateful to him and the Chinese government for the support.

“This will greatly boost preparations for the event,” Mr Ma’u added.

The assistance will cover the prizes that are lined up in the different categories of events planned for the day.

The Fanga’uta Day will be held at the Havelu Eco-Park, opposite the Five Star Company office.

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