City official says awareness and ownership key to success

Yokohama waste management model thrives on community support and awareness By ILIESA TORA TOKYO, Japan – October 27, 2019: 3pm (Enviro News): Yokohama’s successful waste management program has been credited to an extensive awareness campaign and the involvement of members of the community. This was revealed by Mr Tomohiro Kamewaka, the Manager for Policy Coordination […]

Japan hails Tonga’s waste management plan

By ILIESA TORA TOKYO, Japan – October 22, 2019: 6pm (ENVIRO NEWS): Tonga’s waste management plans, which has expanded to the outer islands outside of Tongatapu, received mention during a media briefing at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tokyo on Monday. And the Pacific region is the focus of cooperative waste management projects, […]

Fresh calls against seabed mining in Cook Islands

Rarotonga, COOK ISLANDS – October 17, 2019: 2.35pm (COOK ISLANDS NEWS): Cook Islands Democratic Party is supporting a call for a 10-year moratorium on any seabed mining activity because there are just too many unknowns about the seabed and long-term impact of mining it.   The Democratic Party has made fresh calls against government’s proposed […]

A major step forward in reducing food loss and waste is critical to achieve the SDGs

FAO report provides new estimates of food loss from post-harvest up to retail to help identify appropriate measures for an effective reduction  Rome, ITALY – October 15, 2019: 2.45pm (FAO): A new FAO report launched by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation provides insights into how much food is lost – as well as where […]

Tonga’s mangroves to be classed and managed

Nuku’alofa – October 16, 2019: 11.15am (Enviro News): Tonga’s mangroves will be the focus of a workshop that is being planned for Nuku’alofa next week. Organised by the Department of Environment, under the Ministry of MEIDECC, the workshop aims to help conduct the ecosystem risk assessment of Tonga’s Mangrove Ecosystem and develop a monitoring system. […]

Rylee joins Environment Tonga

Nuku’alofa – October 16, 2019: 10am (Enviro News): American Pearce Corp volunteer Rylee James has joined the Department of Environment here in Nuku’alofa. The 24 year old, originally from Oregon in the United States of America, said she “desired” to extend “my service and work with the Department of Environment in particular because I have […]

Importance of mangroves and coastal trees stressed

Nuku’alofa – October 15, 2019: 12pm (Enviro News): The importance of having mangroves and coastal trees along the waterfront must be understood, Tonga’s mangrove specialist has stated. Mr Hoifua Aholadi made the comments while speaking with students from the Robert C Seamen’s vessel who were in Tonga in the last three days as part of […]

Students visit sites and plant trees

Nuku’alofa – October 14, 2019: 3.45pm (Enviro News): Students from the Sea Education Association of America visited mangrove nurseries around Tongatapu and planted trees at the Alonga Centre today. The group of students, who arrived on Saturday on board the SSV Robert C Seamans vessel, took in the day learning about the work the Department […]

Environment train citizens in science program

Nuku’alofa – October 11, 2019: 9am (Enviro News): The Department of Environment this week trained members of the public on how to survey, collect and monitor land and sea water sources as part of its Citizen Science program. Marine Team lead Penikoni Aleaamotua led the training at the Kolomotu’a Free Wesleyan Church. Participants were taken […] Leads “Why MAPS” Campaign For The Sake of Our World

Nuku’alofa – September 10, 2019: 4.15pm (Enviro News): Saving the Artic Ocean is a must if we are to save our ocean and its resources, an all-volunteer international non-profit organization has stated. has launched its most recent online viral campaign in support of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. The organisation said MAPS is […]