Cabinet approves Tonga’s Ocean Management Plan

Nuku’alofa – July 16, 2021: 5.10pm (Enviro News):  His Majesty’s Cabinet has approved Tonga’s Ocean Management Plan that will provide for the sustainable management of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) covering an estimated 700,000km2. Beginning in 2015 under Cabinet decision, the Government of Tonga initiated the Oceans 7 Technical Committee to formalize and implement the […]

Ocean Plan team works on 2020 program

Nuku’alofa – February 24, 2020: 10.30am (Enviro News): The Tonga Ocean Management Bill will be finalised this year, following presentations made by the Marine Spatial Planning team. The team, led by project coordinator Elisapeti Veikoso, presented to the Tonga Ocean 7 Working Group on February 19 and to the National Environment Coordinating Committee (NECC) on […]