Tonga RIDGE TO REEF (R2R) Project Inception Workshop, January 2015

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As part of its efforts to work collaboratively with government counterparts in the Integrated Environmental Management of the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment, the Pacific Island Ridge to Reef National Priorities (Tonga R2R) project implemented by the Ministry of Environment & Communications, held an inception workshop today, Tuesday 20 January 2015 at the Basilica Conference room in Kolofo’ou.

The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • Create an understanding of the content of the Tonga R2R project document across involved stakeholder.
  • Identify and confirm partnership engagement and support towards project implementation and committee members and their roles.
  • Obtain a consensus on the project activities proposed.

The Tonga R2R project is a 3 years GEF funded project through the support of UNDP which will be implemented by the Department of Environment. The project aims to enhance Tonga’s ecosystem goods and services (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.

Attending the workshop were key government stakeholders that were invited to discussion further the project plan for 2015 – 2017.

The implementation of the project is expected to contribute to reducing poverty, sustaining livelihoods and increasing climate resilience. In doing so, it will also help create strong linkages between sustainable development of freshwater catchment and coastal areas and promote the implementation of a holistic, integrated management of natural resources at the catchment level.

The same workshop will be conducted tomorrow, Wednesday 21 January 2015 to District and Town Officers, NGOs and the private sector.

For more information please contact:
Ms. Ta’hirih Hokafonu +676 8883327 / 8781234
Project Coordinator Email:
Tonga R2R, Department of Environment
Ministry of Environment & Communications


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