Malo e lelei

Malo e lelei and Welcome to the Department of Environment’s website!

About Us

The Department of Environment was established in 2001 with a mission to promote the conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use and management of natural resources, whilst maintaining ecosystem services.
The Department of Environment aligns itself with Pillars 2 and 5 of the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II, namely Outcomes:

2.1 Improved collaboration with and support to social and community group;
5.1 More equitable, sustainable and appropriate management of the use of natural resources, to maintain a steady long term flow of benefits;
5.2 Cleaner environments and less pollution from household and business activities;
5.3 Improved national and community resilience to the potential disruption and damage to wellbeing, growth and development from natural disasters, including extreme weather events, with particular focus on the likely increase in such events with climate change.

The Department’s Mandate (PDF) is stipulated by existing regulatory regimes. The review/drafting of legislation is a continuous activity of the various Programmes (PDF), in order to ensure relevancy and addressing of emerging environmental issues.

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